RVR Scholarship Fund

God uses camp to change lives. A scholarship makes sure nothing stands in the way.

Would you help provide camp for a child or teen whose family cannot afford it right now? Each year, hundreds of families apply for scholarship funding for a wide variety of reasons. RVR’s goal is for at least 15% of our campers to come from these families. You can help make that possible! In fact, one scholarship gift can often provide for multiple campers, as RVR works with each family to determine how much support will make camp possible.

“Our son was able to go to RVR through the aid of the scholarship fund. Now that we can, we wanted to give back so other kids could experience RVR!” – Brad & Dianne

Would you join Brad and Dianne in giving to an RVR Scholarship Fund?

Give Now to Scholarships

All gifts are tax-deductible.
Looking for our scholarship application? Click here.

Other ways to give:

Send your donation by mail to:
River Valley Ranch
c/o The Peter and John Radio Fellowship
Executive Plaza I
11350 McCormick Road, Ste 900
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Use an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to give directly out of your bank account. Print and complete the Authorization Form and return it to the address above.

Have a Question? Email Us or call Kellye Beaman at: 410-584-9790 x607.

2022 YEAR-END TAX STATEMENT REQUESTS: Peter & John Ministries (of which RVR is a part) will provide year-end tax statements upon request. Email taxinfo@gopjm.com or call 410‑584‑9790 x607 for yours.