Legacy Giving

Peter and John Ministries (of which RVR is a part) cannot exist without the generous contributions of friends like you, and your legacy gift ensures their impact into the future.

If you are looking ahead to a charitable gift after your death or how a charitable gift might bring you added income and tax benefits now, below are some simple explanations of what these look like.

Speak with your financial planner or lawyer regarding gifts of this type. If you have no advisor and would like more information, please contact our Director of Development, Tina Blackman, at tblackman@gopjm.com or call her at 410-584-9790 x601.

Various Types of Legacy Giving

  • Bequest: Bless your family with an up to date will, and extend your impact with River Valley Ranch through a gift in your will. Learn more >>
  • Beneficiary Designation: Gift a portion or all of your IRA retirement accounts to the ministry
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: While supporting the ministry with a cash gift, receive a fixed lifetime payout plus tax benefits
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Give a large gift, or a gift of a highly appreciated assets (real estate or stock), and receive a tax break along with a fixed income payout every year
  • Deferred Charitable Remainder: Trust Make a large gift today for an immediate tax break, and create a source of income in later years, i.e. for retirement
  • Retained Life Estate: Receive a significant tax deduction by donating a residence while retaining the right to live there for life.
  • Gifts of Securities and other properties: Receive an immediate tax deduction and, possibly, save all capital gains taxes

Legacy Planning Resources

RVR and Peter & John Ministries have made some online resources available in regards to learning about legacy planning, creating and maintaining a will, and passing on your values by these means. Tap the button below to further explore these resources.