Referral Program

Referral Discount Program

RVR offers campers a special discount for referring other first-time camper families. For every first-time camper family you refer that signs up (a camper who has never been to RVR before), you will receive $50 off for overnight camp and the camper you referred will receive $50 off as well (discount is $25 for Day Camp referrals). Example, if two children sign up from that family you will receive $50 off if they're in overnight camp or $25 in day camp. If they have one of each we apply whichever referral credit is worth more.

In order to receive the discount you must send an email to with the name of your camper AND the camper you referred. Once confirmed, the discount will be applied to your account.

Please note: siblings are not eligible for this discount. The referral discount also does not apply to scholarship families.