Life After Summer Camp

Your Maryland summer camps experience at RVR may be over, but your adventure doesn't need to end!

The two most important ways to keep growing in your faith are to get into God's word, allowing it to shape your life, and to find and get involved with a local church. You can also stay in touch with RVR year-round on social media and listen back to many guest speakers from summer camp and Winter Meltdown on the "RVR: Life After Camp" Podcast (Apple, Google Play, Soundcloud).

You can also check out the other great Bible resources linked to below as you dig into God's word and consider finding a local church to start growing in community with others. Yes, camp is over, but life after camp starts NOW!

Bible Resources & Helpful Links*

*Please note: while we cannot guarantee we agree with 100% of the articles and viewpoints of the organizations listed above, we have generally found these to be trustworthy and biblically-based resources that can be helpful in spiritual growth alongside reading and studying the Bible itself.