Weather Safety

RVR is located on nearly 500 beautiful acres in the rolling hills of Carroll County. We believe part of the power of the RVR experience includes unplugging from the virtual world and fully engaging in God’s amazing creation.

We also understand that being outside sometimes means interacting with inclement weather. We have put extensive weather systems in place to monitor various types of severe weather to provide the highest safety for your campers. These systems include:

Weather Computer

Dedicated Weather Computer:

We have a dedicated weather computer in our front office with interactive NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather maps and current alerts.
NOAA Radio Alerts

Weather Radios:

We have three on-site weather radios that notify us of any severe weather alerts the instant the NOAA puts them out.
Lightning Detection

On-Site Lightning Detection System:

We have a lighting detection system that alerts us to active lightning in the area.
SMS Alerts

Text Alert System:

Our extensive Text Alert System allows our leadership staff to quickly notify key staff (who carry cell phones) by text of any weather alerts.
PA system

PA System:

We have a PA system on each campus with pre-recorded alert tones and voice instructions.

Handheld Radio Communications:

RVR has over 70 commercial grade Motorola radios that allows us to communicate with any key staff member at any time anywhere on the property.