Sponsor a Horse

When you sponsor a horse at RVR, you commit to supporting that horse by covering the basic costs of feed and hay, vaccines and worming, farrier (blacksmith), and tack (bridle, saddle, other equipment). Your donation is tax-deductible and is also a wonderful gift giving opportunity for a child or spouse. In return, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to care for a very special creature of God.

As part of your sponsorship you will receive:

  • A photograph of your sponsored horse
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Invitations to Horse Sponsorship program events such as trail rides 1 or 2 times per year
  • Updates on RVR's horsemanship program

Full Sponsorship

$50/month, $150/quarterly, or $600/year

Select your horse (if you have no preference the RVR staff will select a horse for you). You will be covering food and basic veterinary, as well as farrier and grooming, and expenses at the Ranch for one year.

Wranglers' Club – Special Gifts/Donations

If you are unable to fully sponsor a horse ($50/month or $600 one time), but would still like to give, support RVR’s horse program, join the Wranglers’ Club! Your gift of any size makes you a valued part of how God provides for RVR’s herd. We also accept one-time gifts of any amount, or donation of equipment, tack, and equine items. These gifts are valued and make a difference! Please call the barn office at 410-374-8295 to speak about material donations.

Other ways to give:

Send your donation by mail to:
River Valley Ranch
c/o The Peter and John Radio Fellowship
Executive Plaza I
11350 McCormick Road, Ste 900
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Use an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to give directly out of your bank account. Print and complete the Authorization Form and return it to the address above.

Have a Question? Email Us or call Kellye Beaman at: 410-584-9790 x607.

YEAR-END TAX STATEMENT REQUESTS: Peter & John Ministries (of which RVR is a part) will provide year-end tax statements upon request. Email taxinfo@gopjm.com or call 410‑584‑9790 x607 for yours.