Daily Summer Photos

How to Access Current Summer Media

RVR's multimedia staff works hard to take and upload photos of a sampling of camp activities each day of the summer (this may or may not include your camper each day). In addition to this, an end-of-the-week video or slideshow is also produced and shown on Friday of each week, then posted to our summer camp videos page.

There are two ways to view the daily photo galleries. The first is to download the 'Bunk1' mobile app from the Apple or Google Play app stores and log in with your RVR credentials; the other is through your RVR account Dashboard as shown below. NOTE: Photos are typically posted once a day (late afternoon/evening), are FREE to view, and available for purchase as downloads, prints, & various keepsakes! Again, we cannot guarantee your camper will be photographed each day or appear in the end of the week video.

STEP 1) From your Account Dashboard, under the 'Registrations' tab, find the Bunk1 links in the 'Parent Engagement' section.
Photo Instructions 1

STEP 2) On first log in you will be prompted to select a service package. If no bunk note service is desired at this time (can be purchased later) you can select the free 'Photo Gallery Access' option at the bottom.
Photo Instructions 2

STEP 3) Find 'Gallery' in the main navigation menu and select 'View All'. Note: If you would like to set up the face recognition feature to automatically be notified of your camper's photos, select the 'My Campers' menu option instead and upload a profile image of your camper. Facial recognition will only work on photos uploaded after you complete this set up.
Photo Instructions 3

STEP 4) All currently available photo galleries will appear here in the appropriate folders. Click each to view its contents. Options are available for social sharing and purchasing prints or downloads.
Photo Instructions 4

NOTE: RVR is responsible for taking and uploading photos. If you experience any issues with the Bunk1 website or mobile app, however, please reach out directly to Bunk1's customer support team by phone at 1-888-465-2267 or by email at support@bunk1.com. For FAQ’s related to their services, visit bunk1family.com/faqs