Justin's Legacy Fund

justin diggs bible verse.jpg

Justin Diggs was only 12 when a storm took his life. This fund honors him by giving to others something he loved— camp at RVR.

For every $15,000, one scholarship is granted each summer...forever. Your gift will help many children and their families over years and years. Currently FOUR campers can come to RVR each summer through this fund— $3k more will make it five!

For questions about your donation, call 410-584-9790.

Important Reminder: Monthly recurring gifts continue until a cancellation request is received by Kellye Beaman at kbeaman@gopjm.com or by phone at 410-584-9790.

RVR is a part of Peter & John Ministries, a nonprofit organization, so your donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Year-end tax statements are available upon request.