Retreat Activities

If all of the included retreat activities aren't enough to excite your group, RVR offers a variety of other activities to spice up your retreat!

RVR offers excellent retreat activities for our overnight guest groups. Whether you’re a group of students, an adult retreat, or a corporate team, these unique challenging experiences will add the element of fun your group is looking for. For student ministries, these activities create an environment of togetherness and teamwork that is incredibly uplifting. Adult groups enjoy the challenge and thrill of activities that bring out the youth in them, and corporate groups benefit from the teambuilding aspect of our retreat activities. When you speak with our retreat coordinator to customize your retreat, make sure to add some unforgettable activities to your schedule!

Not enough time for an overnight retreat? Check out our Maryland day trip experiences.

Worried about the weather? Many of RVR’s activities have an indoor option – so when it comes to rain, we’ve got you covered!

Note:: All participants MUST have a signed Release and Waiver Agreement in order to participate. Click here to Download.

Zip Line Ride

1500' Triple Zipline

Take to the skies as you and two others fly side by side down the longest triple zipline on the east coast! This team activity will leave your group talking for weeks. The zipline exit area is flexible to meet your desires; equipped with benches and a fire pit, this is a perfect time to debrief the activity and grow as a group.

Ages= 8 & up
Time= 1 Hour (15-40 people), 2 Hours (40-80 people)
See it in action!
*Participants must be between 45 and 250lbs and will be weighed discreetly before riding. This is done to regulate the speed of the zipline experience.

High Ropes Course

High Ropes Challenge Course

Test your courage as you make your way through our 35’ High Ropes Course. Participants team up to learn to trust each other and work together to traverse this elevated playground. After choosing and completing the various elements, participants can climb down or finish up with the swing exit for one last thrill.

Ages= 11 & up
Time= 2 Hours (15-24 people)

Bouldering Wall

Low Ropes & Bouldering Wall

See which elements you can conquer with balance and strength. The linear design with platforms after each station makes it easy to enter and exit and any point, and allows for multiple guest to participate at the same time. Also, kids love tackling our new bouldering wall! Pick a route and try to make it all the way around the wall.

Ages= 8 & up
Time= 1 Hour (15-40 people)

Giant Swing

Giant Swing

During this thrilling ride, you’ll experience the sensation of free-falling from a height of over 40 feet. The Giant Swing encourages teamwork like no other activity. Each group hoists their teammates up the pendulum swing. Your group will be encouraged to work together and challenge themselves.

Ages= 9 & up
Time= 1-2 Hours (15-24 people)
See it in action!

Outdoor Rock Wall

Indoor & Outdoor Climbing Towers

Climb your way to the top of our 35-foot three sided Climbing Tower with its rarely conquered overhang side. We've got challenges for beginners & experienced climbers, as well as a separate indoor climbing wall.

Ages= 8 & up
Time= 1 Hour (15-20 people), 2 Hours (20-30 people)

Archery Tag

Archery Tag

Dodge ball with bows and padded arrows – what will they think of next! One of Maryland's only licensed Archery Tag vendors, you'll love this new sport. Archery Tag is great for all ages and ability levels.

Ages= 10 & up
Time= 1-2 Hours (15-32 people)
Learn more about Archery Tag!

Paintball fields

Low-Impact Paintball

Take your pick of our outdoor woodland paintball courses or try our indoor paintball barn for smaller, faster tournament play. RVR provides all the equipment and safety gear you’ll need to participate. Our low impact paintball gear makes the game enjoyable for even the younger groups. This will not be an activity you soon forget.

Ages= 10 & up
Time= 2 Hours (15-30 people)

Trail Riding

Horse Trail Rides

RVR offers all kinds of group horsemanship options throughout our scenic 500+ acres. Our indoor riding facility (Remuda Horse Center) is the hub of everything “horse” at RVR. We will provide everything you need to participate. Ask about horseback riding when you customize your retreat.

*Note: Very limited availability.

Ages= 10 & up
Time= 1 Hour (5-15 people)

Ninja Barn

Ninja Barn

Inspired by the TV show, we converted our historic barn into a challenging and fun obstacle course including a warped wall! Unleash your inner Ninja and see which elements you can conquer.

Ages= 9 & up
Time= 1 Hour (15+ people)

*Adults are encouraged to help with spotting.

Tree Climbing Grove

Tree Climbing Grove

A new twist on the climbing experience, try your hand at scaling a tree. It's a straight vertical ascent with climbing holds strapped securely around live trees!

Ages= 8 & up
Time= 1 hour (15-20 people)

Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball

Take a simple game of soccer to a whole new level with Bubble Ball! You'll have a lot of laughs manuevering the field in these inflated suits while bumping and bouncing off one another.

Ages: 10 & up
Time: 1 Hour (15-25 people)

Nature Hikes

Free Time Activities

Along with the above activities, leaving 'Free Time' in your retreat schedule is a great option! During free time, you and your guests can at their own discretion take advantage of other things such as: gaga ball, nature hikes, field games, RVR's gymnasium, and game room.

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