General Camp Safety

In order to provide the safest environment for your children, we have established several systems to effectively monitor all of our campuses against any kind of threat. We also have a comprehensive internal communications system as well as a system to quickly communicate with parents. These systems include:


Text Alert System:

Our comprehensive Omnilert Text Alert System allows us to communicate both with parents and staff instantaneously if any situation arises needing prompt communication.

PA Alert System:

Both of our campuses are equipped with PA systems that can alert staff to any situation that may arise.

Extensive Radio Communications system:

RVR is equipped with over 70 commercial grade Motorola 2-way radios (with a repeater at Fort Roller) that allows our key staff to communicate with the office and health staff anywhere on our 500 acres.

Security Cameras:

We have recently installed 10 surveillance cameras covering both campuses that are monitoring 24 hours a day.

24 Hour monitoring/accessibility:

We have a staff member positioned in our office 14 hours a day monitoring phones, security cameras and our weather station. During overnight hours we have a dedicated staff member who is available by phone (to receive this number visit our Contact page.