TNT Discipleship Program

If you are in high school and want to invest part of your summer into something that will last, TNT may be a perfect fit! TNT is an intense 3-week discipleship program where students learn and apply new skills to impact the mission of RVR. Be a part of a dynamic team that serves and grows together.

Teen Discipleship Program

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As part of the TNT program, your work matters! Each day is a new chance to serve campers and the mission of RVR. You live on the camp property as part of an assigned crew and serve 5 ½ days, with 1 ½ days off each week to return home and rest. Applicants must desire to work hard in order to make a difference in others’ lives.

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"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man" (Luke 2:52). TNT is more than a job; it is a leadership training and discipleship program. During their time at RVR, TNT students will be challenged physically through work and play; emotionally through building positive relationships and serving others; and most importantly, spiritually through small group devotions and evening meetings. Our desire is that this will be a summer that will leave a lasting impact on each and every student that comes through the program.

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As part of the TNT family, you experience what it is to belong to a Christ-centered community. You will be supported, loved and invested in by Christian friends and leaders – all while learning and practicing how to do the same to those around you.

"This is a great opportunity. This is a great place to learn. If you're not going to grow here, you're not going to grow anywhere.'"

Requirements & Essential Info

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Who We Select: Age 14-17, Guys & Girls
We're looking for teens who have a personal relation with Jesus Christ, who are teachable in spirit and serious about growing in their faith while serving others.

Program Fee: $300/session
Each student that participates in this program is asked to contribute $300 for the 3-week session. This amount helps cover activity fees, meals, housing, utilities, and staffing. If this cost is prohibitive RVR does have a grant program that may be available to help cover a portion of the amount. Learn more HERE or contact the RVR office to inquire.

Time Commitment: 3 Weeks
There are three 3-week sessions available to choose from for 2024—

  • SESSION 1: June 16th - July 5th
  • SESSION 2: July 7th - July 26th
  • SESSION 3: July 28th - Aug 16th

If accepted to the program you will live on campus Sunday-Friday and have Saturdays off to return home.

Program Perks: Service Hours & More
Participants will be invested in for personal growth in their faith, development of job skills, and make many new (possibly lifelong!) friends. On top of that there's the added bonus of qualifying for up to 100 volunteer service hours!

TNT Positions (work crews)

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TNT members are broken into 4 different crews that are assigned to meet specific camp needs. Each crew will live together, work together, and grow together in their walks with Christ under the leadership of their Crew Chief. Click each crew below for more info:

Field Crew
Field Crew

Field Crew

The Field Crew is composed of 9 male staff. These young men are responsible for lawn care, landscaping, upkeep of camp grounds, and general maintenance. From splitting wood to grooming trails to trimming fence lines, these guys are always hard at work making sure that RVR’s 500+ acres of property looks great and is well taken care of. For guys that love to be outside in the sun and like getting dirty while they work, this crew is a great fit.

Kitchen Crew
Kitchen Crew

Kitchen Crew

The Kitchen Crew is composed of 7 male staff. These guys are primarily responsible for washing dishes, although their tasks also include receiving food deliveries, cleaning the kitchen, and general kitchen organization and maintenance. With over 500 people eating three meals a day in our three dining facilities, this crew has plenty of work to keep them busy. For guys that are comfortable working in a fast paced environment and like a set routine, the Kitchen Crew (affectionately called the “Dish Pit”) is the place to be.

Dining Crew
Dining Crew

Dining Crew

Their are 2 teams within the Dining Crew, those serving at our Frontier Town camp center and those serving at our Fort Roller camp center. 16 female staff in total, these gals are responsible for serving meals to our campers and staff. They have tasks before, during and after each meal which include setting tables, managing the buffet, waitressing, bussing, and assisting kitchen staff in the service of the food. They are also responsible for the cleanliness and order of the dining facilities. Work in the dining crew is usually fast paced and requires staff who like to be on the move, enjoy serving others, and can handle the buzz of activity surrounding meal times.

Housekeeping Crew

Store/Housekeeping Crew

The "Store-keeping" Crew is composed of 10 female staff. These young women are responsible for both keeping camp clean and helping to run the onsite camp stores (merchandise and concessions). On any given day their store duties could include things like folding apparel, stocking merchandise, serving food and snoballs, or working a modern sales register. Housekeeping duties include tasks like vacuuming meeting spaces, cleaning restroom facilities, and dusting. If you enjoy variety in your work and have a great attention to detail, this is the crew for you.

"When I came to TNT I didn't expect to make such close friends or grow as close to the Lord as I have."

Info for Parents

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“My son came home a different person.” This is the most common feedback the TNT program receives, and rightfully so; the program's design is transformation. In a world that preaches self, shallowness, and seclusion, the TNT culture counters with service, growth and community. And we’ve discovered – that’s exactly what teens are looking for. TNT is designed for students who are hungry for God’s Word and growth to flourish in a God-centered, well supervised, and safe environment. It’s a three week experience your child will never forget!


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"I've gained a lot of [skills] and learned a lot about building friendships with people I wouldn't normally have."