TNT - Teens in Training

If you're in high school and don't want to spend your entire summer working at that boring job then we have something for you! TNT (Teens in Training) is where you can experience serving behind the scenes at camp. It will be like your first mission work!

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Q) What is TNT?
A) TNT is the name of RVR's teen discipleship program. RVR consists of three camps on one property: Frontier Town (for ages 12-17), Fort Roller (for ages 9-12), and Arrowhead Woods (for ages 7-9). The TNT staff is not limited to one camp, but is broken into different crews that are assigned to meet specific camp needs. Each crew will live together, work together, and grow together in their walks with Christ under the leadership of their Crew Chief. A program is put in place to entertain, challenge, and disciple these young men and women.

Q) What is the investment?
A) TNT is more than a job; it is a leadership training and discipleship program. During their time at RVR, TNT students will be challenged physically through work and play; emotionally through building positive relationships and serving others; and most importantly, spiritually through small group devotions and evening meetings. Our desire is that this will be a summer that will leave a lasting impact on each and every student that comes through the program. The cost for participating in a TNT session is $300, which comes out to $75/week. That fee helps to offset the expenses of housing and food, as well as running an exciting program and hiring quality staff.

Q) What’s the commitment level?
A) You will need to commit to 4 weeks of service. You will live on the camp property and have one day off per week when you will be asked to leave the camp property. You will work an average of 6 hours per day.

Q) What will I do?
A) The TNT program is a mixture of work, recreation and fellowship. It is important that you invest back into the camp by working hard and committing your job to excellence and we promise to do the same by creating a fun and exciting program that is sure to leave you wanting more.


  • Must be in high school and between the ages of 14-17
  • Must have a desire to serve Christ and others
  • Teachable and willing to grow
  • Able to commit 4 full weeks

2019 Important Dates

  • June 23 – July 19: 1st Session
  • July 21 – August 17: 2nd Session


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Application Instructions

Once you've clicked apply, please fill out all required fields in the application. Remember, although some fields are not required, they are still helpful. Be sure all information is current and accurate, especially your email address - as most correspondence will take place through email. RVR will send you an email confirmation once your application has been received.

Apply Now Forms (after hire)