See the Progress!

Building for the Future: the RVR 2.0 Campaign

Since 1952, RVR has ministered to over 550,000 people, offering arms of support to over 100 churches and thousands of families. In a culture that is increasingly apathetic to spiritual truth, it is more important than ever that RVR’s ministry continue today and into the future.

To do this, RVR launched a capital campaign in 2011, RVR 2.0: Building into the Next Generation. Addressing RVR’s aging and inadequate facilities would enable the life-changing message of God’s great love to continue being shared through the powerful venue of camp.

In early 2020, the final funding for RVR 2.0 was promised and the projects completed. 750 people, churches, and businesses, participated in providing over $6 million in gifts that have made these upgrades possible. Now, the entire RVR campus is usable year-round, providing opportunities that never existed before in a season unlike any other in our history.

To all who participated in this project over these years, thank you. It could not have happened without your willing and whole-hearted generosity. “Then the people rejoiced because they had offered so willingly, for they made their offering to the Lord with a whole heart.” (I Chronicles 29:9)

Browse the photo gallery below to see campaign projects your gifts and prayers have made a reality!

Capital Campaign photo gallery