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Building for the Future: Our Projects

Over the past almost 65+ years RVR has ministered to over 500,000 people, offering arms of support to over 100 churches and thousands of families. In a culture that is increasingly apathetic to spiritual truth, the extension of RVR’s ministry into the next 60 years could have an enormous impact on lives. To do that, River Valley Ranch has launched RVR 2.0: Building into the Next Generation, a capital campaign to provide significant improvements to its aging and inadequate facilities, that RVR's ministry may continue sharing the life-changing message of God’s great love.

Browse the photo gallery below to see campaign projects your gifts and prayers have made a reality!

Capital Campaign photo gallery

PHASE II — in progress

The general infrasture and overall condition of RVR's Fort Roller campus is a primary concern of Phase II. We hope to address numerous concerns including things like water & plumbing, electrical, roadways, aging cabins, dining and kitchen facilities, and much more. Addressing these could allow Fort Roller to become a year round facility and allow RVR to expand its current program offerings:

General Infrastructure | $587,000

Two 2-Story Cabins | $1,200,000

Two 1-Story Cabins | $957,000

Paving, Demo, Snack Shop, Miscellaneous | $587,000

Hilltop Hall | $315,000 — DONE

Kitchen | $275,000 — DONE

PHASE I — completed!

Septic System | $810,000 — DONE
The current septic system is over 40 years old and failing. A new, environmentally friendly treatment system would not only meet but exceed county requirements.

Muddy Creek House | $43,000 — DONE
The nicest and most heavily used dormitory at the Ranch is in need of an internal makeover. Renovations will include new carpeting, lighting, doors, painting and exterior repairs.

Old Town Meeting House | $510,000
Due to unforeseen costs of other Phase 1 projects, this project had to be deferred.
This is the historic meeting hall built in the l950’s RVR’s founders Peter and John Bisset. This is ground zero, the most spiritually significant building on the property, where many thousands have made personal decisions to follow Christ over the years. Renovations will preserve that legacy and allow year round use of the building as a meeting hall. Improvements will include new flooring, insulation, HVAC, roof, windows, storage room, equipment and bathrooms.

Frontier Town Infrastructure | $430,000 — DONE
The main complex of buildings is central to much of RVR’s year round ministry and is in desperate need of repair. Other infrastructure needs all around Frontier Town are also critical. Improvements will include new porches, flooring, painting, paving, office expansion, street lights and repairing the historic covered bridge.

Livery | $130,000 — DONE
Built in the 1950’s as one of RVR's first dorms, the Livery has seen some serious use and requires a complete renovation. It will be restored to its original style with modern improvements, including a new HVAC system, bathrooms, flooring, electrical work, windows and roof.

Buffalo Lodge | $135,000 — DONE
The Buffalo Lodge roof is in bad shape. The gym floor is even worse. A new roof and floor will enable RVR's campers and guests to enjoy indoor meetings and recreation year round for the next 20 years.

Summer Camp Programs | $207,000 — DONE
Since decentralizing the camp model in 2000, offering camps like horsemanship, adventure, and paintball, RVR has seen tremendous growth in numbers and impact. Currently, these camps are 10 years old, requiring upgrades such as modern paintball equipment, newer Adventure Camp tents and infrastructure, horsemanship equipment, and program supplies.

Horse Program | $102,000 — DONE
No activity dates further back at RVR than horses, and the Horse program has grown immensely over the past 5 years. RVR is in need of several key upgrades to continue growing this vibrant program. Improvements include fencing, a covered outdoor arena, equipment and pasture maintenance.


PHASE I TOTAL ~ $2,430,000*
PHASE II TOTAL ~ $4,261,656*
GRAND TOTAL ~ $6,691,656

*A percentage of funds will be used to defray capital campaign costs.