Stream Restoration Project

Thanks to a state grant in 2019, last summer began a major overhaul and restoration of the waterways running through RVR's property!

The Backstory

For the past 10 years, RVR had been seeking a grant to help restore the streams and rivers that go through campus to address longstanding and progressing issues with erosion and flooding. We are excited to share that the project was approved and continues to move forward in partnership with the state of Maryland.

stream restoration info poster

What are the benefits?

  • Stop Erosion— Recent storm surges have degraded riverbanks significantly.
  • Preserve Wildlife— Did you know this creek is a critical part of the region's Trout ecosystem?
  • Enhance the Beauty of RVR— Guests and campers will enjoy a beautifully renewed landscape for years to come.

How are you paying for it?

  • We were blessed to receive a grant to cover 100% of the work! We want to honor the late John Petro, a dedicated RVR Board member for 10 years, who secured this grant just months before his passing.

Why is this construction happening now?

  • The grant and state permits required that the in stream work be completed between May and October 2019, primarily to protect the brook trout.  RVR is fortunate to be part of one of the most prolific habitat areas for brook trout in the entire northeast.
  • Plants and trees are to be planted in spring 2020 to establish and secure newly graded banks in order to protect against future erosion and to provide vital shade to waterways and animal habitats.

Will RVR programs be affected?

  • Yes and no. Construction will mostly happen in peripheral areas. The stream work and plantings in through the center of Frontier Town complex on Grave Run Road may partially hinder the use of some of our sports fields at times but other nearby areas will be made available for groups if that is the case.

When will it be done?

  • Construction should be done by November 2019, plantings by mid 2020, but it will take a few years for all the plantings to come in fully.

Other recent camp improvements...

Fort Roller Cabins Construction

In 2019 RVR completed the fundraising for 4 brand new cabins at our Fort Roller campus! This was the last major project in RVR's $6 million dollar capital campaign project. As of spring 2020 the construction was completed and cabins are now ready for use! We will begin utilizing these soon in year-round programs.

County Road Improvements

Carroll County also began and completed major work on Grave Run Road in the fall of 2019, which runs straight through the center of our property. This work will make our road safer for all of our guests and pedestrians by adding traffic calming measures. Be sure to take note of these exciting changes next time you drive through our property.

While the current camp closure is in effect due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are grateful for the Lord's provision through funding and projects that were secured in previous years. We are grateful as well to share these updates with you all as you keep us in prayer and for your continued support during these unsteady times. We are anxious to continue ministry at full capacity again as soon as we are able :)

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