Summer Camp Waiting List

"OH NO! The camp I want is full...what do I do now?"

For the past several seasons RVR has nearly filled, with most sessions completely full before the camping season started - which results in many unhappy parents (and campers!). It is our desire to see everyone who wants to come to camp be able to, but it simply isn't possible.

For this reason we do offer a Waiting List to fill spots as they become available. While we cannot guarantee anyone a spot who signs up for the waiting list, we know the law of averages says that at least some will be able to come.

Download Waiting List Application


When a camp fills, we then open the Waiting list; however, we will only open the Waiting list once ALL identical camps are full. For example, we will only open Horsemanship camps waiting lists when all other Horsemanship camps are full.

If a camp is full, you can sign up to be on up to 2 waiting lists (for example: 2 different camps on the same week; or 2 camps on different weeks). If a spot opens, we will contact you (see below for our Waiting List Contact policy.)

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT REGISTERING ONLINE FOR A WAITING LIST: If you register online for a waiting list, the computer allows you to register for more than 2 waiting lists (we cannot control this online); however, when our administrators check your account and see that you have signed up for more than 2, you will be removed from all the waiting lists. Please make this easy for everyone and do not sign up for more than 2 waiting lists. Thank you.


You may only be put on a waiting list if you are either:

  1. Not currently signed up for a camp, or
  2. Already enrolled in a camp and want to wait to come an additional week

IMPORTANT NOTE:If you sign up for a Waiting List (let's say Horsemanship I) AND register for an available camp (let's say Classic Camp) you must attend both weeks even if you end up getting into Horsemanship I (your Waiting list camp); however, if you decide to cancel your original reservation for Classic camp and go ONLY to your Waiting list camp, Horsemanship I, you will lose your $100 deposit from the Classic camp. While you CAN transfer your deposit from a registered camp to another available camp, you CANNOT transfer money from a registered camp to a Waiting List camp.

In addition, the above policy would restrict you from signing up for an available camp and a waiting list camp on the same week.

While we understand the frustration of not being able to sign up for a waiting list while being enrolled in another camp, it is abolutely necessary to avoid a host of administrative problems that last minute switching causes. Thanks for your understanding.

Download Waiting List Application

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