Camper/Staff Communication Policy

Camper/Staff Communication Policy

At RVR we recognize that campers and staff can develop close, trusting relationships with one another during their time at camp and that these relationships can be healthy, wholesome, and beneficial to campers and staff alike. We also recognize that it is natural for campers to want to keep in touch with their favorite staff after camp is over.

RVR camp staff posing with campers

While we understand that this can be a Godly, positive and beneficial relationship, we also realize that RVR cannot monitor any of that communication. Therefore, as a camp, we do not encourage or endorse the exchange of contact information or communication between campers and our staff, nor do we take responsibility for what may occur as the result of such communication. Our official policy is to forbid the exchange of contact information and communication of any kind between campers and our staff, whether paid or volunteer. However, if a parent or legal guardian wishes for their child to exchange such information and communicate with a camp staff member after the camp experience is over, the parent or legal guardian must give their consent via the form below, expressly granting this permission and accepting full responsibility for whatever may occur as a result.

Upon completion of the form we will review and if approved, we will forward you the contact information of the staff member you have requested.

NOTE: Not all staff have given their consent to be contacted after camp. If you do not see your child’s counselor or a staff member listed, it means they have declined communication with campers for whatever reason.

IMPORTANT: This form must be filled out by the Parent/Guardian, NOT by the camper/minor.