Corporate Events

Tired of Zoom meetings? Looking to invest in your team through a safe, in-person gathering?  Look no further!  RVR provides a unique COVID-friendly setting and creative activities to help improve morale and break the routine of the office

Corporate outings or company events are a great way to have your team build trust, understand each other, create a positive work environment, and they are really, really fun!  Whether its a staff training event you'd like to go off-site for, or you just want to pour into your employees and give them a company picnic or fun business day trip, RVR has options for your business to utilize our unique property, facilities, and activities.

Our team will work with you to select the program that matches your goals and budget. You can choose from one our activities or events to tailor the experience to the needs of your team or simply use our unique setting for creative space.

WHO? Professionals, up to 30 ppl max
WHAT? Customized half-day, full-day, or multi-day employee events
WHEN? Weekdays
COST? Contact us below for pricing

Half-Day, Full-Day, or Multi-Day Programs

RVR has set schedules and programs to choose from, or we can work with you to develop a custom schedule and program for your team to accomplish your event goals, whether it's a partial day event, all day event, or overnight event utilizing our modern and charming lodgings and accomodations.

Program Options

Take a break – Come and enjoy the outdoors with your coworkers. Participate in some fun activities and experience the comradery.

Learn a lesson – Need some creative space and a small break from the routine and monotony of the office? Choose from one of rooms with AV packages or sit around a campfire, under a tree or near the river.

Transform a team – need a unique experience that will help get your team talking and thinking outside the box. Our corporate teambuilding events are sure to get your team talking and looking to grow professionally and personally.

Registration for Corporate Day Trips

Fall and Spring are the perfect time to invest in your employees and plan an event to bring your team together and enjoy the outdoors. Contact us today to make it happen!