Wrangler’s Roost

Welcome to RVR's Virtual Tour page, where you can begin to explore our beautiful property and summer camp and retreat facilities!

On desktop displays or larger devices, simply tap any orange marker on the map for a popup box with more information about that location, along with a 360 degree image! On mobile devices and smaller screens find the numbered map location you are interested in on the table below the map to tap for more info. Bonus Tip: Many of the 360 images have links within them as well (eg- you can click on highlighted objects to jump to another photo in that area) so be sure to keep your eyes peeled 😉

Contact our main office if you have any questions at all, or are interested in scheduling an in person tour of our property for your next church retreat, school field trip, or sending your kids to one of our awesome summer camp programs!

. Wrangler’s Roost

Used as a dormitory space for guests during our Winter Meltdown retreats and as housing for staff the rest of the year, this completely renovated building goes back to the beginning of the RVR's history in the 1950's, and is located alongside one of our central game fields for Archery Tag, Bubble Ball, soccer, or frisbee.