Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool Days at RVR!

Our next Homeschool Day will be OCTOBER 10th, 2017. More details to come!

For co-ops, families, and individuals, RVR's Homeschool Days provide a uniquely fun and wholesome way to engage kids and get them out of the house, bonding with their peers and building confidence to take on new personal challenges. Like RVR's other school field trip programs, homeschool students will be encouraged through adventure activities to step outside of their comfort zone, build friendships, and learn about themselves from a biblical perspective. If you've been looking for fun things to do as a homeschool family, we made this program just for you!

Offered in the Spring and the Fall, the Homeschool Day program is a 1-day event from 9AM to 4PM at River Valley Ranch, for students ages 9 to 18and parents can participate too!

9-12 year olds will get to experience RVR's Giant Swing, Zipline, and Low Ropes Course. 13-18 year olds will get to experience RVR's Archery Tag, Zipline, and High Ropes Course.

Homeschool Days at RVR!

Schedule Information

9-12 Year Olds 13-18 Year Olds
9:00-9:30 Check-In & Welcome
9:40-10:00 Orientation Meeting
10:00-12:30 Group A: Giant Swing Group A: Zipline & Archery Tag
Group B: Zipline & Low Ropes Group B: High Ropes Course
12:30-1:00 Picnic Lunch
1:00-3:30 Group A: Zipline & Low Ropes Group A: High Ropes Course
Group B: Giant Swing Group B: Zipline & Archery Tag
3:30 Closing Gathering
4:00 Departure

Lunch Information

Lunch for Homeschool Days will be held on our patio/picnic area or in one of our dining facilities depending on weather. Please pack a lunch and label it clearly with your student’s name.

Parent Information

The day is designed for parents to have an adventure alongside their students! While we do not require parents to attend, we welcome you to register with your students and participate. If you would like to simply observe, you are welcome to do so at no additional cost.

Weather Information

All of our outdoor activities are weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather, we may need to adjust the schedule or postpone the entire event to the predetermined rain date. We will notify you promptly of any weather related changes.

Homeschool Field Trip Cost & Registration

Click the date you would like to attend below to sign up! Registration closes May 3rd, 2017 for Spring event. Fall Registration will open soon. Fees for each age group are as follows:

9-12 Year Olds = $30/per (includes Low Ropes, Zip Line, & Giant Swing)
13-18 Year Olds = $35/per (includes High Ropes, Zip Line, & Archery Tag)

Questions? Call us at 443-712-1010 x121 or email

Outdoor Education Trips for Co-ops

If you are part of a larger homeschool co-op, your group can book a private day trip or overnight trip at RVR! Minimum of 25 students required.