GPS Christian Internship Program

What is GPS?

GPS is a year-long Christian internship program at River Valley Ranch, located in Carroll County, Maryland. It's a summer camp internship experience like no other that creates the opportunity to gain leadership & hands-on youth ministry experience in the Christian camping industry. GPS stands for Guiding, Planning, and Shaping. Visit the GPS overview page for a complete description of RVR's Christian internship program.

Guiding (v): To direct in a way or course

To direct in a way or course The main objective for the GPS camp internship program is discipleship. You will be guided in new and various ways in your walk with Christ in order to learn more about Him and bring glory to Him.

Planning (v): The act or process of making and carrying out plans

You will learn and experience many fundamentals of the Christian camp ministry. You will be stretched and challenged with all of the hands-on opportunities that River Valley Ranch has to offer.

Shaping (v): To make fit for (as a particular use or purpose)

You will have many opportunities to shape the lives of others through direct involvement in retreats, program retreats, special events and summer camp ministry.

GPS Camp Internship Application

Ready to officially apply for RVR's GPS Christian camp internship program? Just click the button below and it will take you directly to our online application. If you don't already have an RVR Circuitree account created then you will need to make one to continue, which is a quick and simple process.

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