GPS Christian Camp Internship

The GPS Christian Camp Internship spiritually Guides, Prepares, and Shapes ministry-minded individuals. Many people see the value in, and feel a calling into camp ministry; however, they lack the experience and guidance to follow that calling. The GPS camping internship program is a yearlong apprentice experience that equips students for their ministry mission. If you have a passion to serve in summer camp, youth, or outdoor leadership ministry, and desire to gain invaluable experience— meet GPS.

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The Program

At RVR we desire to develop the next generation of ministry minded Christ-followers. Our goal throughout the duration of the GPS program is to disciple the GPS students in four areas:

The Calendar

The camp internship year is broken into four semesters. Each semester builds on the previous one, moving interns through a process; from “learning” to “assisting” to “leading”:

You can view a more detailed sample internship calendar here.

The Benefits

RVR offers an array of benefits to provide for and meet the needs of our GPS Camp Internship participants during their year of service & learning with us. These include:

Housing Room and board is provided for all interns.
Meals Interns are on RVR’s meal plan. When RVR’s kitchen is open to serve guest groups, interns are welcome to join. When no groups are here, food is made available for interns to prepare.
Pay RVR interns receive a $75 stipend per week for the duration of the program. They are encouraged to raise support if additional funds are needed.
Time Off GPS participants receive 10 days of vacation time plus all major holidays.
Training Trips Students participate in RVR’s staff retreat, a camping conference, and intern outings/trips.
Summer Employment The goal of many of our students is to gain knowledge of summer camp. Not only do you receive these skills, but have the opportunity to implement them during an RVR summer.
Professional Development Most of RVR’s full time staff have worked as a camp professional for 10 or more years. The training and experience they offer is second to none and is a huge benefit to interns.


Where is the GPS program located?

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