Daily Summer Photos

How to Access Current Summer Media

RVR's multimedia staff works to take and upload photos of every camp's activities each day of the summer. In addition to this, an end-of-the-week video or slideshow is also produced on Friday of each week. These galleries are accessed from within your online account for viewing and/or purchase, and will not appear there until early evening on the day they are taken/uploaded.

To view and purchase these media items, please follow the steps below after logging in:

1) From your Account Dashboard, click 'View Current Registrations'
Photo Instructions

2) Click on the registrant for which you would like to view media
Photo Instructions

3) Click the 'View Photos' option. Note: This link will not appear until the first gallery for that camp has been uploaded (usually by Sunday or Monday night of your camper's week).
Photo Instructions

4) All media associated with your child's camp should be available from this page. Click on the various gallery links to view their contents.
Photo Instructions

NOTE: You will need to create an account on our Zenfolio photo website to be able to purchase or download photos. This is not required for simply viewing photos.

You can also view the end-of-the-week Wrap Up Videos for both Frontier Town and Fort Roller/Arrowhead Woods directly on our Summer Camp Videos page.