Camp Registration Policies

Please read through these registration policies and instructions completely to ensure a smooth and accurate registration. Questions? Call 443-712-1010 or e-mail us.


Check-In and Check-Out


Check-in for camp begins Sunday at 2:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm during the camping season. To avoid standing in line in the heat, we DO NOT recommend arriving early. Please do not come late, as the check-in staff will no longer be available.


Each week officially ends Friday evening with a closing “Rally” and cookout dinner, which parents are encouraged to attend. All camps will also an activity showcase event Friday afternoon for parents to attend before the closing rally.

  • 3:00PM SHOWCASES - Fort Roller Paintball match (shuttle leaves at 2:45)
  • 4:00PM SHOWCASES - Frontier Town Paintball match(shuttle leaves at 3:45), all Fort Roller camps together, and all Frontier Town camps together
  • FORT ROLLER CLOSING RALLY - includes all Fort Roller camps. Held at 5:00 pm at Fort Roller, in Hill Top Hall.
  • FRONTIER TOWN CLOSING RALLY - Includes all Frontier Town camps. Will be held at 5:30 pm in the Ole Town Meeting House.

If you are unable to attend the Rally, you must pick up your campers no later than 6:30pm. Campers must be signed out at the checkout table by the person authorized to pick them up. We prefer campers not be picked up until after the Rally. Note: Campers staying more than one week must still leave Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon.



All registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis, based on the receipt of the deposit and signed release waiver. Register in the following ways (sorry, no registrations by phone):

  • WEBSITE: The easiest way to register for camp 24 hours a day is to Register Online.
  • MAIL: River Valley Ranch Registration Office, 4443 Grave Run Road, Manchester, MD 21102
  • FAX: Download the form on our Camp Forms page or call us at 443-712-1010 and we’ll fax you a registration form. Fax back to 443-712-1015.


  1. Fill out the registration worksheet completely including the signature of a parent or guardian. An incomplete form may result in non-registration.
  2. Indicate your 1st and 2nd choices of programs and dates.
  3. Prior to May 15th, a non-refundable deposit of $100 per week must accompany each registration form in order to hold a spot. No spots will be held without a deposit. The deposit is not transferable to another person, including a family member. After May 15th, the entire camp fee must accompany each registration.
  4. To request a roommate you must:
    • Write the name of the desired roommate in the space provided on the registration form.
    • Send the roommates’ registration form to camp in the same envelope, or FAX them at the same time. (If they are not processed concurrently, the campers often cannot be confirmed for the same week or program).
    Restrictions: The roommates must be in the same camp program, same grade bracket, and can be no more than 2 years apart in age. You may choose up to three roommates.
  5. You will receive an invoice approximately one week after your registration form has been processed. This confirms your registration in the camp listed. You will have until May 15th in order to pay the remaining balance.
  6. Send all mail registrations and deposits by mail to:
    River Valley Ranch Registration Office, 4443 Grave Run Road, Manchester, MD 21102.
  7. You may also register by fax or on our website. If you choose to FAX or ONLINE, please do not send a duplicate copy by mail. Sorry, no registrations by phone.
  8. Once registered, you will receive an invoice/confirmation letter and details of what to bring, etc. If you do not receive a confirmation statement from us within two weeks of sending it, please contact us to confirm your registration.


Campers must stay within the appropriate grade bracket listed next to each camp. This is based upon grade completed as of June, prior to the summer they attend. There are also minimum and maximum ages for each camp.


If you wish to change your child’s registered week to another week, we can do that for no additional charge BEFORE May 15th (subject to availability). After that, there will be a $25 fee assessed for a changed week. All changes must be documented in writing and sent to the registration office either by email or by FAX (sorry, no changes may be made over the phone).


Any unpaid balances after May 15th will have a $25 late fee applied to your account.


Should it be necessary to cancel your registration, you must contact RVR in writing (letter, fax or email. Sorry, cancellations cannot be made over the phone). Once we are notified that your camper will not be attending, we can make the space available to another child. If we receive your cancellation notice prior to May 15th, when the balance of camp fees is due, all but the $100 non-refundable deposit will be returned. Notice received between May 15 and at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the registered session will result in a forfeiture of $150. Cancellation less than 14 days, but more than 7 days prior to the beginning of the session results in the forfeiture of $200.00. Cancellation within 7 days of arrival results in a $250 fee. Payments exceeding these fees will be returned. There will be NO EXEMPTIONS of these fees except for verified medical reasons: only after RVR has received written notice from a qualified physician verifying the camper’s inability to attend due to illness or injury; all but the non-refundable $100 deposit will be returned. Children sent home because of disruptive behavior are not eligible for a refund, nor will they be allowed to attend additional weeks at camp. There will be no refunds for children sent home due to homesickness.


  • SPENDING MONEY: RVR uses a computerized camp bank where money is deposited prior to camp to use for purchasing items in the stores, craft shop, etc. This eliminates the problem of campers misplacing their spending money while at camp. Spending money usually ranges from $20 -$75. To speed things up on check-in day, we recommend adding bank money when you register or when you make your final payment. You can also visit our website to deposit money online anytime prior to the Friday before your camper's Sunday arrival. Unused bank money over $5.00 will be sent back (under $5.00 will only be returned upon request), via email using PayPal within 2-3 weeks of returning from camp. You can also choose to donate your child's bank money to RVR as a tax-deductible gift. A receipt will be available upon request.
  • CARE PACKAGES: For $30, RVR will deliver a care package to your child during the week of their stay (Monday or Tuesday) which include various items designed specifically with your camper in mind. Click to view sample contents.


Financial Aid, in the form of partial assistance grants, is available on a very limited basis for children who may otherwise miss out on an RVR camping experience because of financial circumstances. Learn more and apply on our Financial Aid page.

Lice Policy

We strongly encourage you to check your campers’ heads for signs of lice or nits before you come to camp. Our staff will conduct preventive lice checks on campers during check-in. RVR has a strict no-nit policy, and in accordance with that policy we will not allow campers to attend camp if our staff finds even one nit in your camper’s hair. Read more about our lice policy and treatment suggestions on our camp FAQ page.

Security Checks

We reserve the right to search campers’ belongings for signs of pests (including, but not limited to, lice and bed bugs), as well as illegal substances, weapons, or any other items that are not permitted at camp. These searches may be conducted at our discretion for the safety of all participants & staff. These searches may be preventive, and done at check-in; or they may be done during the campers’ stay if a safety concern should arise. If signs of pests are found, we reserve the right to take action to protect our campers & staff; these measures may include sending the camper home, asking the parents to remove infested luggage & other property, or confiscating any banned items.