Frontier Teen Paintball Summer Camp

Of all the overnight teen Summer Camp programs offered at RVR, Teen Paintball Camp for guys ages 12-17 is an action-packed, week-long experience for paintball enthusiasts of all skill levels! Campers will play a minimum of 2-3 hours per day at various times on RVR's diverse selection of paintball fields, including intense games of Speedball, Capture the Flag, Indoor, Woodsball and other Scenarios using paintball markers! PLUS, Teen Paintball campers will also participate in many of Frontier Town's campwide events such as pool parties, meals, evening services, free time, and more.

All paintball equipment and air will be provided by RVR, but campers who own their own gear are welcome to bring their own markers (except for week 8) as our program utilizes a compressed air system. Campers will be given 400 rounds per day (extra paint available at a small cost). Paintball is one of the fastest growing action sports today, and if you can’t get enough of it then this camp is for you!

NEW FOR 2018—
Week 8 of paintball camp is now coed & low impact paintball only! If you're child has always been hesitant but wanted to try out paintball camp this week is for them. During this week campers will only use low impact paintball markers (smaller, lighter, less painful) provided by RVR (sorry, no personal markers allowed week 8). This will even out the playing field, making it a great introduction to paintball camp for both teen guys and girls!

Camp Activities Include:

  • Daily Games of Paintball
  • Paintball Tournament
  • Pool Party and Pool Games
  • Group Games and other Classic Activities

Other Activities May Include:

  • Crafts (extra cost)
  • Water Hike
  • Campfire/Hayride
  • Game Room

Teen Paintball Camp Registration

For: Coed
Completed Grades: 7–11
Age: 12–17 Years Old
Offered When: Weeks 1-8* guys only, 5-6 & 8** coed (view calendar)
Housing: The Mill & Muddy Creek House
Cost: $785 per week $760 before April 1st!

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*Week 7 is Middle School Only. **Week 8 is exclusively low-impact paintball.