Revamping the River Valley Run!

If you haven't already heard, we've made the decision to combine our 2 running events (the River Valley Run Festival in August and the Half Marathon in April) into a single event and move the date to the Fall. The new single event will feature these race options: 5K Trail, 10K Trail, and Half Marathon Trail. While we know that change is always tough, we are very confident that this will be in the best interests of both our runners and RVR. Here are a few reasons why we made the change:

Why We Changed the Run

  1. To Beat the Heat (and the rain!)
    For those who have either done our Festival in August or Half Marathon in April, you know that it’s either intense heat or wet weather that dominates the event. We feel like the October date will give us a MUCH better chance of having perfect running weather for this event each year!
  2. To Make It Even Better
    While it’s tough to make an already awesome event even better, we are definitely up for it! In addition to better weather, we are super excited to feature some fall-themed enhancements. We will also be adding some new features to the event, including updated courses and a truly unique team challenge. Oh, and did we mention that the gorgeous fall colors should be peaking in the trees right about this time?
  3. To Keep it Sustainable
    As you can imagine, putting on a running event is a significant effort, especially when it’s designed as a fundraiser for a non-profit (as we are). After much consideration, we believe combining both events and moving it to the Fall gives us the best chance to ensure the River Valley Run will continue for years to come!

We hope you are as excited for these changes as we are and we look forward to seeing you at RVR on October 24th, 2020 for the NEW AND IMPROVED River Valley Run Trail Festival! Registration opens March 4th.