Ignite Christian Youth Retreat

2020 Spring Dates: March 20-22, March 27-29
2020 Fall Dates: November 13-15

For those of you familiar with RVR's Winter Meltdown youth retreat, think of IGNITE as Winter Meltdown offered in both the Fall and Spring. Ignite will spur your youth on to greater heights in their walk and unleash them back into a generation & culture that is in desperate need of the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

IGNITE is an all-inclusive, 2-night, weekend youth retreat (Friday-Sunday) for youth groups and student ministries of all sizes to grow deeper in their Christian faith and be challenged in their walk with the Lord. Designed for students that have already exhibited a grasp of their Christian faith, Ignite youth group retreats seeks not only to engage them with exciting activities, but to equip them thru dynamic sessions and breakout discussions on how to be living out that faith in all areas of their lives!

Students will enjoy days packed with thrilling activities such as RVR's famous 1500' Triple Zipline, Paintball, Horses, Ninja Barn, epic group games and more! Those activities will then be used to lead deep discussions to apply those experiences to greater life truths like Facing Adversity, Faith, Fellowship, and Community. Students will also enjoy free time to hit up the snack shop, camp store, or game room.

Each evening and morning will feature in depth services with seasoned speakers that know the challenges and obstacles Christian youth face in their foundational teen years, and can open the Word of God up to speak into the present.

See some of our facilities on our Retreat Facilities Page or contact us to set up a personal tour on property!

Ignite SPRING Youth Retreat

March 20-22, 2020 OR March 27-29, 2020

RVR's Spring Ignite weekend is a youth retreat with the potential to re-engage your youth group students in the middle of the school year with the powerful truths of God's word in a new, exciting, and refreshing atmosphere. It's a call out of the ordinary to walk in the newness of life found in Christ, just as the season of Spring is set to emerge! It's also an amazing weekend opportunity for students to invite the new friends they've made during the school year to join them and their youth group and experience incredible, fun-filled Christian community and teaching.

Speaker Scott Murrill

Speaker for March 20-22
Scott Murrill

Scott has worked in education for 30 years and youth ministry for 25 years.

Speaker George Hopkins

Speaker for March 27-29
George Hopkins

George is the lead pastor of Gallery Church in Southwest Baltimore.

SPRING Ignite Weekend Registration

If you're ready to register for our next SPRING Ignite Christian youth retreat just follow the steps below! All-inclusive registration cost is $160 per person. Group deposits are due January 15th and balances are due 3 weeks prior to retreat.

Ignite FALL Youth Retreat

November 13-15, 2020

RVR's Fall Ignite weekend is an exciting opportunity to not only kick off your new year of student ministry with your youth group, but is also designed to launch a spirit-filled school year for your students in the Fall. They'll be able to forge their friendships with other students in your group thru unique experiences and services, which will Lord-willing carry them into the school setting with confidence and support and embolden them to shine with the love of Christ in all they do.

FALL Ignite Weekend Registration

If you're ready to register for our next FALL Ignite Christian youth retreat on just follow the steps below! All-inclusive registration cost is $160 per person. Group deposits are due Aug. 15th and balances are due Oct. 25th.





  • 7:00 Arrival and Check-in
  • 8:15 Orientation
  • 8:30 Student Activity/Leaders Meeting
  • 9:15 MEETING #1
  • 10:30 Free time
  • 11:30 Curfew
  • 12:00 Lights Out



  • 7:00 Leaders Meeting
  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00 Workshop #1
  • 10:30 Workshop #2
  • 12:00 Lunch


  • 1:00 Activities (store open 2-4:30)
  • 6:00 Dinner
  • 7:00 Amazing Race
  • 9:00 MEETING #2
  • 10:00 Campfires
  • 10:45 Free time
  • 11:30 Curfew
  • 12:00 Lights Out



  • 7:00 Leaders Meeting
  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00 MEETING #3
  • 10:30 Pack-up & Clean-up
  • 11:00 Groups Depart