Stream Restoration Project

For the past 10 years we have been looking for a grant to help restore the streams and rivers that go through RVR. We are excited to announce that the project has been approved and we are moving forward this summer!

What are the benefits?

  • Stop Erosion— Recent storm surges have degraded riverbanks significantly.
  • Preserve Wildlife— Did you know this creek is a critical part of the region's Trout ecosystem?
  • Enhance the Beauty of RVR— Guests and campers will enjoy a beautifully renewed landscape for years to come.

How are you paying for it?

  • We were blessed to receive a grant to cover 100% of the work! We want to honor the late John Petro, a dedicated RVR Board member for 10 years, who secured this grant just months before his passing.

Why is this construction happening now?

  • The grant and state permits require that the work be done this year from May through October, primarily to protect the brook trout.  RVR is fortunate to be part of one of the most prolific habitat areas for brook trout in the entire northeast.

Will camp be affected this summer/fall?

  • Yes and no. Construction will be happening in peripheral areas this summer but not in the center of Frontier Town.  The exception to this will be our main parking lot which means we will be moving the lot to another location (old rodeo arena). While campers may hear the equipment during camp, there should be minimal disruption of camp activities.
  • We have been able to move the construction happening in the center of Frontier Town until after camp is done.  This may have some limited effect on retreat and school groups but nothing that will infringe upon the RVR experience.

When will it be done?

  • Construction should be done by November of this year, although it may take a few years for all the plantings to come in fully.

More 2019 Projects Underway...

Fort Roller Cabins Construction

The last major project in RVR's $6.7 million dollar capital campaign project is well underway! We hope, Lord willing, to complete construction on these 4 brand new structures in time to have them open and in use by summer camp 2020. This project has led to some temporary 2019 summer camp housing changes. Learn more about this ongoing project and how YOU can be part of seeing it through to the finish line on our RVR 2.0 Campaign page >>

County Road Improvements

Carroll County will be doing major work on Grave Run Road in the Fall, which runs straight through the center of our property. This work may pose some short term traffic interruptions but we are thankful and thrilled that the county is undergoing this project to make this section of road safer for all of our guests and pedestrians, and for the many local commuters who drive through our property. Keep an eye out for these road improvements to begin soon after summer 2019.