2021 Day Camp is Moving

We have some important information to share with all of you about a significant change we’re making to RVR’s day camp program this summer. 

The very biggest and most important thing we do at RVR is summer camp. After missing last summer due to COVID-19, we are doing everything we can to Make Camp Happen this year! We are working diligently to design programs that adhere to (and exceed) all mandated safety precautions, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. And one major component of our defense against the virus is to limit people coming in and out of campus, in order to protect both campers and staff from exposure. 

Our day camp program, which has historically been held on RVR’s campus, creates a challenge to our efforts to mitigate virus exposure for the residential campers and counselors. If day campers and their families were to come in and out of the property every day, it would prevent us from creating a “bubble” for the overnight campers and staff. 

For this reason, we have decided to move RVR’s day camp program offsite this summer. After carefully considering multiple sites, we are proud to partner with Mountain View Bible Camp, conveniently located in Manchester, MD, right off of Route 30. Mountain View is a large, beautiful facility, with extensive grounds and a pool for outdoor activities; as well as activity rooms, in the event we need to move campers indoors.

photos of Mountain View's property

To be clear, our day camp program will still be 100% facilitated by RVR’s quality, caring staff. We will still be using RVR’s curriculum and unique programming. Our schedule will not change. We’re simply relocating our program to Mountain View’s campus, which will allow us to serve more campers safely this summer. We are incredibly grateful for Mountain View’s generosity and are confident we can deliver a fun, safe, & meaningful day camp experience for your children in this new venue. 

photos of Mountain View's property

For many of our constituents, the Mountain View site will be more convenient than RVR’s rural campus. Located at 2145 E. Deep Run Road in Manchester, the property is located right off of Route 30.  However, if this location is a challenge for your family, or if you have any concerns with this change, please don’t hesitate to contact our office with questions. We can provide deferment or refund options if necessary. 

Day Camp Travel Times

From... to RVR to Mountain View
Reisterstown 30 29
Hunt Valley 30 40
Hanover, PA 25 17
Jarretsville 39 50
Belair 57 68
Westminster 25 18
Shrewsbury 20 29
Eldersburg 42 41

We know this is a big shift, but it is our hope that this change will ultimately serve the majority of our camper families well. Please know that our staff is meeting almost daily, in teams and with public officials, to create safety protocols that will provide a safe camp experience for your children. We will be sending out more information about these enhanced safety measures very soon. 

As always, thank you for choosing RVR for your children’s summer camp. We are grateful for all of you, and can’t wait to see you all soon! 

map of directions from RVR to Mountain View