Camp Housing Changes

Since overnight camp did not happen in 2020, that means Summer 2021 is now the inaugural camp season for our brand new dorms for our younger overnight campers and we want to share with you all where each Fort Roller camp program will staying this year, along with some other program updates you might have missed last summer...

Arrowhead Woods housing & name change!

The first big piece of news is that our overnight camp program for 7-9 year olds, formerly known as 'Arrowhead Woods', will no longer be housed in our teepee village— they will be moving into the new two-story dorms as part of Fort Roller and will now be known as the 'Fort Roller Cadets'! This name better reflects their new location as part of Fort Roller and that this is the age where they are first exploring and discovering the summer camp experience :) 

This move also means they will once again be checking in on Sundays at Hilltop Hall, as it was prior to summer 2019. #BackToNewrmal

But what does that mean for the teepees and who will be staying there now?? Glad you asked...

Fort Roller Adventure moving to teepees!

Last summer the Adventure campers at Fort Roller enjoyed staying in modern platform tents in the woods, just like our teen Adventure campers at Frontier Town do. Moving to our teepee village allows them to continue their modern camping/tent feel while moving much closer to all our other Fort Roller programs and having access to the great bathhouse at Arrowhead Woods. We call that a #WIN!

Fort Roller Paintball & Trail Riding in new dorms!

Junior Paintball and Junior Trail Riding campers will also get to experience the new dorms at Fort Roller this summer. They will be housed in the single-story buildings right in the heart of camp and will love the new space (AC, in-cabin bathrooms, close to hilltop hall...). Don't worry though, the Conestoga wagons (former paintball housing) and Hilltop loft (former trail riding housing) may make a return in the future ;)

That brings us to Fort Roller Classic!

These campers will be thrilled to know they are moving into the brand new two-story dorms at Fort Roller! These modern dorms were built to replace our old cabins, but are nothing like the old ones-- featuring air-conditioning, bathrooms in each building...oh just wait till you see them!

So to summarize all the above, here is the 2021 housing assignments for Fort Roller, which now includes Cadets (formerly Arrowhead Woods):

Program 2021 Housing Highlights
Fort Roller Cadets (formerly AW) Two-Story Barracks Brand new dorms, AC, in-cabin bathrooms...yay!
Fort Roller Adventure Teepees Closer to Fort Roller, newer bathhouse, unique theme!
Fort Roller Paintball Single-Story Barracks Brand New dorms, AC, in-cabin bathrooms...yay!
Fort Roller Trail Riding Single-Story Barracks Brand New dorms, AC, in-cabin bathrooms...yay!
Fort Roller Classic Two-Story Barracks Brand New dorms, AC, in-cabin bathrooms...yay!

Thanks again for your patience and support through these unusual times and we're looking forward to an exciting summer in 2021!