2019 Housing Changes

2019 Housing Changes

While construction continues on RVR's brand new Fort Roller cabins, a few temporary housing changes must be made for summer 2019. Although these housing options are different than what returning campers are accustomed to, they are perfect for this “in between” year and we think campers will even like them better than the old housing! :)

If it’s your first year at RVR, don’t get used to these temporary housing options; the best is yet to come! Click here to see our hope for 2020 Fort Roller housing.

The chart below shows all housing for the 2019 summer season for Arrowhead Woods and Fort Roller:

Camp 2019 Housing Highlights
Arrowhead Woods The “Livery” A/C and in-cabin bathrooms, need we say more!
Fort Roller Classic Girls Teepees Smaller groups in a great setting!
Fort Roller Classic Boys Covered Wagons Brand New housing, unique theme!
Fort Roller Jr. Paintball Covered Wagons Brand New housing, unique theme!
Fort Roller Jr. Adventure Platform Tents Perfect for the adventurer, just like the teens!
Fort Roller Jr. Trail Riding Same housing as prior years A/C, newer dorm!

We are SO excited about these great temporary housing options and look forward to brand new cabins in 2020! To see how you can be a part of making this necessary project a reality, click here.