2019 Camp Changes

In case you haven’t heard there’s a lot going on at RVR! There are several major projects underway that will greatly enhance the RVR campus. For those coming to camp this summer, we’d like to update you on how these project will impact your visit.

Project #1: Fort Roller Construction

As the largest renovation project in our history, Fort Roller is getting an extreme makeover! When finished, it will provide first rate accommodations for campers and guests year-round.  However, the project will not be complete until 2020 so a few temporary housing changes must be made for summer 2019 that primarily affect our Fort Roller and Arrowhead Woods campers. We are also changing where some of the check-in and check-out locations are. So what are the changes?

2019 Housing Changes

If it’s your first year at RVR, don’t get used to these temporary housing options; the best is yet to come! Click here to see our hope for 2020 Fort Roller housing. Although these housing options are different than what returning campers are accustomed to, they are perfect for this “in between” year and we think campers will even like them better than the old housing! :) The chart below shows all housing for the 2019 summer season for Arrowhead Woods and Fort Roller (Frontier Town teen camps remain unchanged, with the exception of Trail Riding/Horsemanship moving to the Muddy Creek House):

Camp 2019 Housing Highlights
Arrowhead Woods The “Livery” A/C and in-cabin bathrooms, need we say more!
Fort Roller Classic Girls Teepees Smaller groups in a great setting!
Fort Roller Classic Boys Covered Wagons Brand New housing, unique theme!
Fort Roller Jr. Paintball Covered Wagons Brand New housing, unique theme!
Fort Roller Jr. Adventure Platform Tents Perfect for the adventurer, just like the teens!
Fort Roller Jr. Trail Riding Same housing as prior years A/C, newer dorm!
Teen Horsemanship & Trail Riding Muddy Creek House Updated bathrooms!

Check-in and Check-out Locations

See the table below for check-in and check-out locations. The Arrowhead Woods overnight program (ages 7-9) is the one that is different this summer, checking in at Frontier Town but checking out at Fort Roller.

Programs Check-In Check-Out
Arrowhead Woods (ages 7-9) Frontier Town Fort Roller
Junior camps (ages 9-12) Fort Roller Fort Roller
Teen camps (ages 12-17) Frontier Town Frontier Town

Project #2: Stream Renovation

For the past 10 years we have been looking for a grant to help restore the streams and rivers that go through RVR. We are excited to announce that the project has been approved and we have already begun! The scope of the work and October 1st deadline (because of regulations around trout) require a large portion of the work to be done during the summer months. Learn more about this unique project here >>

Frontier Town Parking Lot

While the work itself will be separated from areas the campers occupy, our current parking field for Frontier Town will not be usable this summer. This means we have had to move the Frontier Town parking down to our old rodeo arena. See the location of the new Frontier Town parking area below and in the video at the top of the page. We actually feel that this will be a better experience for our guests as no one will need to cross the road anymore. Please watch for signage as you arrive on property.

2019 frontier town parking

Teen Horsemanship/Trail Riding Showcases

Because of the work around RVR's rivers and streams, in addition to the above need to use the rodeo arena for parking, we have decided to cancel all of the horse program Showcases on Fridays at the end of each camp week. We will re-evaluate bringing the Showcases back after the stream work is done next year, but with this change the campers’ final rides will be on Friday morning, rather than afternoon. Total riding time will not be affected by this change . At 4:00, the horse program campers will be participating in activities with the other camp programs in Frontier Town, instead of having a Showcase.

Thank you so much for your patience as we work hard to make RVR and even better experience for you in the coming years!