Half Marathon Volunteers

The River Valley Run relies heavily on volunteers to carry out our mission of providing a premier trail run experience to help sustain River Valley Ranch and other grass-roots, charities in our community.

race volunteers

Volunteers not only assist in planning and organizing the River Valley Run Half Marathon but they also serve on race day in various capacities. By giving of their time, River Valley Run volunteers help fulfill our vision of helping people in the mid-atlantic region reach their full, God-given potential.

You can join a group of over 75 volunteers who currently serve in this capacity for the River Valley Run Half Marathon. As a thank you, each volunteer will receive a FREE SHIRT and BREAKFAST.

Want to help with some pre-race trail maintenance?
We usually work during the day Monday-Friday during the months of March and April. If you help for 10 or more hours you'll receive a FREE race registration. If you're interested email run@rivervalleyranch.com.

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