Low Impact Paintball

Paintball is an awesome sport. It promotes team play, awareness, fitness, but can also be a little painful when you are marked (hit) with a paintball. For younger or inexperienced players, this “sting” can be the deciding factor in not participating in this great game. At RVR, we want to see everyone enjoy this experience: younger players, inexperienced players, and families alike. In order to meet that need, in addition to our traditional offerings for paintball in Maryland, we also offer low impact paintball. During RVR's Summer Camp season this low impact version is offered for Fort Roller's Junior Paintball campers, and during the Spring and Fall it is offered to private rental groups. That means YOU can book a low impact paintball experience for your kids, friends, or family today!

Listed below are three of the main differences that make low impact a huge hit for all ages:

.50 cal paint vs .68 cal paint

Lower Impact Paintballs

Our .50 cal paintballs are smaller than the traditional paintballs, causing lower impact.

Lower Impact = Less Pain!

low impact paintball comparison

Lighter Paintball Equipment

Smaller paintballs means lighter equipment— 2lbs less than traditional paintball gear.

Lighter Setup = Less Fatigue!

paintball splat on mask

Low Impact is Still Paintball!

The game of paintball hasn't changed, just the size of the paintball.

Smaller Ball, Same Game!

Low Impact Paintball Availability & Booking

Low impact paintball at RVR is available by reservation only, generally on Satudays in the Spring and Fall. After viewing the paintball FAQ and group rates page, if you have further questions feel free to email us at

To book your group online just tap the link below and enter your info: