Outdoor Experiences & Adventures

With the exception of programs at our Horse Center, RVR is no longer offering our various adventure activities as standalone outings. The activities below will now only be available to groups partaking in a booked overnight retreat, school field trip, or corporate event at RVR. We're happy to answer any questions you may have if you'd like to call/email/chat our main office.

Zip Lining

If there's one Maryland Zip Line you should know about, this is it! The highlight of so many of our guests' visits to RVR is undoubtedly our 1500 foot long Triple Zip Line, and now you can experience it too. Soar over a quarter of a mile through the air with friends side by side by side! It's an outdoor adventure experience you won't forget, zip lining in maryland.


One of the only true low-impact paintball fields in Maryland (traditional high-impact available as well), RVR features clean, safe, and family friendly facilities for players of all ages and skill levels. Our expansive woods ball scenario field is at your disposal along with our unique indoor paintball barn for smaller and faster tournament play when the weather doesn't allow for outdoor play. Time will fly by (along with the paint) as you and your friends challenge each other round after round. Your paintball Maryland adventure starts here!

Ropes Course

Another popular outdoor adventure experience at RVR is the Ropes Course. A great activity for team building, both high and low ropes course options are available at RVR with numerous elements of varying physical challenge. Tackle the swinging tires 30 feet off the ground or slack line at 3 feet– there's something for everyone and obstacles to keep you busy for a whole morning or afternoon.

Archery Tag

Kind of like dodgeball, only with bows and arrows! Intrigued??? We thought so. It's a game unlike any other and easy to pick up. RVR is one the few licensed Archery Tag facilities in northern Maryland so give us call to try out this fun new sport and get in on the action.