Building Into Lives

Building into Lives: Testimonies

Summer Camp at River Valley Ranch gives children and teens a week of adventure and a lifetime of purpose. In a culture that is increasingly unaware of God’s great love, RVR’s greatest aim is to build love and hope into the lives of kids, which is why we are working so hard to ensure our ministry can continue for coming generations.

Bri Jones | Camper, Age 17

“I came to RVR two years ago and found God for the first time. It was an amazing experience that completely changed my life. I really didn’t grow up in a religious home—I might have gone to church twice in my whole life. I originally went to RVR because my cousin told me how much fun all the activities are, but my favorite part was the services at night, hanging out with everyone singing worship songs and discovering God. That was the best part. I owe so much to the amazing staff at RVR!”

Aaron Watkins | Worker, Age 16

“Before I came to RVR, I wasn’t that involved at my church, but what I learned here as a volunteer worker really helped me want to serve more. I remember one night when all the mentors washed the workers’ feet. It meant a lot that they were so humble to do this. That experience, along with meeting new people and taking on new responsibilities, gave me the confidence to be more involved at church. I started playing guitar and joined the choir. The best thing about coming to RVR from the city was looking up at the stars each night after our worship time.”

Adrina Brown-Duncan | Counselor, Age 18

“When I first came to RVR on a scholarship at age 14, I thought everyone here was CRAZY. That level of fun was foreign to me! I hadn’t had much of a childhood and my mom was on disability, so God used RVR to teach me how to have fun, how to laugh, and how to be my real self. And RVR gave me a place to radically grow in my faith, especially in the Teens-in-Training (TNT) program. RVR provides so much mentoring! I worked year-round retreats, became a CIT, and was a Day Camp Counselor this past year.”