Camp Needs You

In our 70th year and now more than ever, kids today...

  • Are more plugged in than ever, but don’t feel connected to anyone?
  • Want to be adventurous and courageous but feel fearful and overwhelmed?
  • Long for attention and input from caring role models but spend less than 6 minutes a day in meaningful conversation with their parents?
  • Long to know that they matter, are loved, and have purpose?

Those are just a few reasons that KIDS NEED CAMP! Camp is uniquely positioned to provide authentic relationships, adventure, and unplugged outdoor activity. And at RVR, it is also where kids learn that God loves them, has a purpose for them, and can go home eternally changed.

And CAMP NEEDS YOU! RVR’s Spring Fundraising goal is $400,000, and your gift of any size would make an impact toward the overall 2022 needs. Would you meet the need for camp at RVR this summer?

For questions about your donation, call 410-584-9790.

Important Reminder: Monthly recurring gifts continue until a cancellation request is received by Kellye Beaman at or by phone at 410-584-9790.

RVR is a part of Peter & John Ministries, a nonprofit organization, so your donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by the law and year-end tax statements are available upon request.