COVID Safety

RVR is committed to the highest safety standards for every guest and staff member that sets foot on property. In light of the current national health crisis RVR is implementing the following protocols during this time, in addition to our established safety protocols, to make our programs even safer for guests and staff, in full accordance with federal and state health guidelines and camping industry best practices. Safety remains our number one priority as we launch our Camp Reimagined summer program offerings.

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CDC, ACA and State Compliant

We have been reviewing all camp guidelines provided by the CDC, American Camping Association and our local state and county health departments, and will be adhering to all recommendations.

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Robust Screening of Campers

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 even coming onto RVR’s property, we will be implementing a robust screening of all campers, both prior to and upon entering the property. These will include:

  1. Parents will be asked to monitor campers’ temperatures for at least seven consecutive days prior to attending camp.
  2. All campers will need to be symptom free of any respiratory illness for at least 72 hours prior to coming to camp.
  3. All campers will be temperature checked prior to entering camp. Any camper with a temp of 100.3 or higher will not be permitted to attend.
  4. Check in will be drive-through only, to reduce any additional exposure.

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Daily Staff Screening

In order to reduce any spread or exposure among our staff, we will be implementing the following protocols:

  1. All staff will be temperature checked and health screened each day.
  2. All staff will receive training on COVID-19 related health guidelines.

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Camp in Small Groups

In accordance with the MD State guidelines, we will be dividing campers into groups (cohorts) of 10 who will travel and play together, solely within their cohort. Each cohort will have minimal contact with other cohorts during their stay at RVR.

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Private Bathrooms

Each cohort will have their own private bathroom (other than the Family Roundup where it will be cleaned throughout the day) that will only be used by the members of their cohort. Bathrooms will also be cleaned each day.

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Thorough Cleaning

We will be cleaning all common areas each day with CDC approved cleaning supplies. This includes:

  1. Wiping down all handles, door knobs, tables and common activity areas.
  2. Cleaning each bathroom.

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Get Outside

We have created virtually all of our programming to take place outdoors, where risk of spreading the virus is greatly diminished. Any indoor activities will be socially distanced and within CDC or state recommendations for capacity.

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Safe Activities

Each activity we will provide will be done in as safe a manner as possible. This includes:

  1. Only offering activities that can either be cleaned or rested long enough between uses to properly disinfect it.
  2. Having all participants wash and/or sanitize hands before and after any activity.

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Exposure Plan

We have a clear plan of how to address and isolate any suspected cases of COVID-19 at camp. Any campers or staff with exposure will be also isolated, and parents of all participants with possible exposure will be notified.

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Food Service Safety

While not all of our programs will be receiving food service this summer, those who are will be delivered within all CDC and state guidelines. This includes:

  1. Serving as many meals as possible outdoors, socially distanced and in groups of no larger than 10 people (within the same cohort).
  2. All day campers will be required to bring their own lunch to simplify food service for our youngest campers.
  3. Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer will be available at the dining facilities.