How River Valley Run Knocks Out ALL Top 10 Resolutions

How in the world could just one event help you knock out all 10 of the top resolutions* Americans make in the new year?

Stay with us. Here goes!

  1. Exercise. This one is obvious, right? It's implicit in the name... RUN, RUN, RUN! (or walk if you choose... but move!)
  2. More family time. Truly a run for the whole family... Have you SEEN KidsFest?!?  AND 2 kids runs...Toddler trot for the little ones and Kids Stampede for the older ones. Let out the energy!
  3. Get organized. Research shows a connection between exercise and mental health. If you're mentally stronger, you can be more organized in all facets of life. BAM!
  4. Help others. We are a fundraising event! Become a ForRunner! Choose a charity. Send kids to camp, fight cancer, help the homeless. All the good stuff!
  5. Learn something new. Putting one foot in front of the other might not be 'new,' BUT running could be. TRAIL running could be. Running a 15K trail could be. Plus, you can ride a ZIP LINE as part of this event. Lots of 'new' to be found here.
  6. Get out of debt. Ok, ok. This one might be a stretch, BUT let's talk about priorities. If you take out purchases that have no real benefit (or even cause harm... like fast food) and replace them with life-giving investments (like #RUNRVR2015), it helps to get priorities in line and ultimately, reduces debt. In the long run, healthy choices cost less.
  7. Quit smoking.You can't train for a running event and fill your lungs with smoke. Therefore, you must quit. Trust us...the adrenaline from the run will be way better than the smoking!
  8. Lose weight. Because... science. Move more, burn calories, lose weight.
  9. Quit drinking. Don't quit drinking all together. Stay hydrated and choose WATER. Also, see #7 above. Committing to a goal like an organized race switches your focus to health and wellness. Make water your drink of choice.
  10. Enjoy life more. What more could you ask for? Healthy activity, encouragement, a positive team environment, beautiful rolling hills, countryside, and did we mention the ZIP LINE? This whole event is created to help YOU enjoy life more.

Sign up here for life changing, resolution smashing awesomeness.

Can't get here in person on August 15th? Be a cyber runner and run your own race whilst still smashing resolutions.

*Resolutions listed in no particular order.

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