New Year Resolutions - Trail Run Training

January is here and that means it’s time to revamp all of your training and nutrition habits, right?  Actually, think again.  If you’re truly looking for ways to improve yourself as an athlete with lasting results, then there’s likely only one change that really needs to be made. Consistency.  

Warm up with consistency.

Run with consistency. 

Stretch with consistency. 

Hydrate with consistency.  

Just start there.  You don’t need to start running five miles a day, or go vegan in order to be a runner.  You just need to run.  And being consistent with even just those few things each day will help to keep you out on those trails for many, many years to come.  

If a proverbial carrot helps keep you focused on this consistency, then the April RVR Half Marathon is the perfect event to help you stay on track.  With three months to go until you toe that 13.1 race start, it’s the perfect opportunity to see how your attention to consistency has paid off.  Haven’t registered yet? We’ll make it easy for you.  Once registered you’ll also be invited to join our exclusive online Facebook group where athletes can share training experiences and motivational moments!

Looking for a coach to personalize a plan that’s just right for you? Let Sandra, our USA Track and Field, USA Triathlon Certified Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, work with you to find a training plan that suits your goals, schedule and life.  Email for more information.  Ready to get started on your three month RVR 13.1 training plan? Click here to be one step closer to that personal best performance. (Link to be emailed)

River Valley Run

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