3 Tips For The Week After Race Day

Race day has come and gone and now your body needs (and deserves) some TLC.  Here are a few post race recovery tips to get you back to feeling your best.  

  1. Hydrate.  70% of your body is made up of water, so even being slightly dehydrated will affect how you move, sleep, and think.  
  2. Foam roll.  Running on trails uses accessory muscles that are often under-used when running on the roads, so you may be feeling sore in different places post race.  Foam roll to work out even hard to stretch areas.  
  3. Run easy.  While total rest is ok, an easy recovery run is better to help flush out your system and get you ready for your next training day. 

Sandra is a run/triathlon coach and personal trainer. Email her at uapc.sandra@gmail.com to find out her personal training rates or learn more here.

Sandra Gallagher-Mohler