Paintball Safety

Signed Waiver Required to Play. Click Here to download.

At RVR, our highest priority is your safety and fun. To accomplish this we require every player to participate in Player Orientation. We aim to provide a safe and fun experience run by our excellent relational staff.

An overview of what Player Orientation will cover:

  • Playing zones vs. safe zones
  • Proper use of your mask
  • Safety procedures on the paintball marker
  • All paintball markers are chronograped at 280 fps or lower
  • How to air up your paintball tank
  • What counts as a paintball elimination
  • Where to go as an eliminated player
  • You must not shoot a player within 10 feet – ask them to surrender
  • If your asked to surrender you must surrender
  • No cheating allowed
  • No climbing trees

Park Rules:

  • Players may not wear flip-flops or sandals, closed-toe shoes only
  • No Alcohol or Illegal drugs are allowed on RVR’s premises
  • Profanity, swearing and obscene gestures are not allowed
  • Fighting amongst players is not allowed
  • RVR Paintball is not responsible for any stolen/lost items
  • RVR Paintball reserves the right to change and/or add to the rules ensure safety and fair play at the head ref’s discretion
  • RVR Paintball reserves the right to dismiss a player, without refund, for failure to follow the rules or for bad sportsmanship


Tuesday thru Saturday by APPOINTMENT & AVAILABILITY only.
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