Paintball in Maryland

Ready to get outside and try a new experience? Try Paintball at RVR! We put paintball markers in the hands of every player, shooting paint filled capsules that break on target, making it the most intense game of tag you’ll ever play! But is it safe? Yes! In fact, studies have proven the game of paintball to be safer than fishing! Paintball is a great experience for all groups and ages, and RVR can accommodate most group sizes. Click here for rates or if you're ready to go you can book your paintball experience online.


Paintball at River Valley Ranch

Our Maryland paintball program is built on safety and fun, catered to an age appropriate, family-friendly experience you will never forget! With with an expansive outdoor woods ball playing field and an indoor barn option for small tournament style play, the RVR paintball experience is always new and fresh with clean facilities, clean equipment and quality caring staff who are always friendly and ready to help. We host all types of groups, whether paintball birthday parties, bachelor parties, school sports teams, youth groups, or just you and your friends, RVR is the best place to play paintball in Maryland!

Low Impact Paintball — Our Pride and Joy!

You want another reason why you should play paintball? Meet Low Impact Paintball. RVR is one of the only true low impact paintball fields in Maryland! Low impact has revolutionized the game of paintball by providing the same traditional paintball experience with less pain! We believe Low impact paintball is the best experience for all ages— who wouldn’t want to play with less pain?! Low impact paintballs are smaller than the traditional .68 caliber paintball ( click here to see the difference) which decreases the impact of paintball hits. Less pain means more fun! Also, low impact paintball markers weigh less; making it easier to play many games with less fatigue.

High Impact Paintball — for the Purist!

Maybe low impact isn’t for you – you’d rather stick to the original game in all its glory – you can do that too! With our high impact paintball rental, you’ll play the traditional game with the original paintball caliber size. Don’t let “high impact” scare you though. If you have played paintball before, chances are you were playing what we call “high impact” paintball. Have your own paintball marker? If your group gives the okay, you can play with it during high impact paintball games.

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Paintball Availability & Booking

Paintball at RVR is available by reservation only, generally on Saturdays in the Spring and Fall. After viewing the FAQ page, if you have further questions feel free to email us at

To book your group online just tap the link below. Note: Reservations require deposit and must be made by individuals age 18 & over.


RVR is located at 4443 Grave Run Road, Manchester, MD 21102. Directions available here.