Archery Tag in Maryland

Looking for a unique adventure for your group? How about dodgeball, crossed with paintball, and played with bow and arrows?! Wow — this is awesome — this is Archery Tag! The simple bows and foam tipped arrows make the game easy and fun for your family or group. Archery tag has proven to be perfect for just about any type of group. Birthday parties, corporate teambuilding, bachelor parties, or any private group outing are welcome to enjoy this awesome archery tag Maryland experience. This unique experience is great for all ages and RVR can accommodate most group sizes. See below for available booking times.

Archery Tag at River Valley Ranch

RVR is one of only four Archery Tag locations in all of Maryland. Every archery tag game will be played on our excellent fields, with up to date Archery Tag equipment, and facilitated by our quality caring staff. Like all RVR programs, Archery Tag is planned and played with the highest safety standards in place. Several of RVR's Carroll County summer camp programs also use this sport to enhance their programming.

Take a look and see for yourself:

Archery Tag Resources

You can explore the top Archery Tag experience in Maryland by clicking on of the titles below. You can also click the link below to read how the sport started and how it’s played

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Archery Tag Availability & Booking

Archery Tag at RVR is available by reservation only, generally on Saturdays in the Spring and Fall. Dates and Times are available when booking online. After viewing the FAQ page, if you have further questions feel free to email us at .

To book your group online just tap the link below! Note: Reservations require a deposit and must be made by individuals age 18 & over.


RVR is located at 4443 Grave Run Road, Manchester, MD 21102. Directions available here.