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If you are already registered with ecamp, you can login directly at rvr.ecamp.net

What is E-camp?

E-camp is a unique way we've developed for you to keep in touch with your camper while they are away. By creating an account and logging in, you can see photos as they are uploaded daily and send & receive emails to your camper.



- Save your photos to personal photo albums

- Purchase photo prints and gift items



- Email credits can be used to send an email, add stationery, request a reply or other fun features

- Your email messages are delivered daily to camp, printed and handed out at traditional mail call each day

  1. Go to: http://rvr.ecamp.net
  2. You may login using your email address and password created during online registration.
    Create an account under ‘New User: Create an Account’.
    A one time use ‘camp code’ is necessary for security.
    Our 2014 camp code: RVR2014
    *password is case sensitive*
  3. Follow the instructions on site to complete.

If you are experiencing any problems navigating the ecamp site, please call 866-517-0759 for assistance.
PACKAGE 1 - $4.00
5 Email credits

PACKAGE 2 - $7.00
10 Email credits

PACKAGE 3 - $10.00
15 Email credits
$3 Photo coupon

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