Paintball Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday!! Make your special day unforgettable with an RVR paintball party. With multiple options available, you can customize your party to be as simple or elaborate as you want. Each player must be at least 8 years old and your group size must be a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 30 guests. Come celebrate at RVR!

**FREE PLAYER PASS— Were you a camper at RVR last summer? Are you the birthday boy/girl? Then you play for FREE!!

Let us know you're interested! Submit a Birthday Request Form

Paintball Birthdays Info | $30 per person

Paintball Birthday Party Packages

Each option below includes a party-loving RVR host and a designated party area where parents can set up decorations, serve cake, etc.

Bronze Package

This base package includes two hours of low-impact paintball. Each player will receive a paintball marker, mask, along with 200 paintballs. Each party will include a short safety demo and orientation before play.

Silver Package

What if your party falls near meal time? Upgrading to a silver package will help with that. Not only will you enjoy the two hours of field time and all of the equipment necessary, but RVR will provide pizza (2 slices per guest), drinks (1 can of soda per guest), and paper products for your big day!

Gold Package

This premier package includes everything that a silver package offers, but adds birthday staple that’s the icing on the cake – literally. Upgrade to gold and a personalized birthday cake will be provided. The gold package handles most birthday details for you. You just show up!


Pricing for extra paintballs is $50 for 2000 paintballs, $30 for 1000 paintballs, and $15 for 500 extra paintballs. The cost of each additional pizza is $20 per pizza.


RVR’s Birthday Party programs are available on Saturdays in the Spring and Fall. Available time slots are: 10:30-1:30, 1:30-4:30, and 3:30-6:30.
(Tuesday thru Saturday by APPOINTMENT & AVAILABILITY only)


To book, fill out a BIRTHDAY REQUEST FORM and RVR’s Party Coordinator will contact you to finalize your party date. Reservations must be made by individuals 18 or older and require a $50 deposit to reserve your event. Total cost for birthday party is $50 room rental fee + activity fee per person.

Once booked, you will also receive an email link to RVR's online waiver, which must be signed by all guests in order to participate in the birthday activity.

GENERAL QUESTIONS? Call 443-712-1010 ext.124 or email

**Only one birthday boy/girl may use this free play per group.

What to bring:

  • Long Pants
  • Closed-Toe Shoes (no flip-flops or sandals allowed)
  • Optional: Towels or Rags
  • Optional: Clean Clothes for the ride home
  • Optional: Garbage Bag for your dirty clothes
  • Optional: Your Own Paintball mask (must pass inspection)

What NOT to bring:

  • Paintballs (RVR is field paint only)
  • Firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Paintball Grenades or Smoke Bombs

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