Birthday Parties

FREE* for the birthday boy/girl if they attended an RVR camp the previous summer!

What better place to have your child's next birthday party than right here at RVR, doing one of the activities they love and making memories with their friends! Just three easy steps and you're on your way to the big day:

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Birthday Parties in Maryland

More and more Maryland parents have been choosing to have their child's birthday party event at RVR, and we're thrilled to host each and every one of them! The unique and engaging activities we offer on our beautiful property set the stage for a memorable experience your child and their friends will be counting down the days to!

When it comes to birthday party venues in MD, we strive to stand out with experiences that are not only fun, but enriching and active, getting kids up and moving in safe and friendly competition, teamwork environments, or just sharing in the experience of activities they love. Parents love joining in on the fun too!

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Paintball Birthday Parties

Paintball is the perfect activity for an action-packed birthday celebration, and our low-impact markers make it even more enjoyable for younger players and adults. Whether you're a seasoned player or someone who has always wanted to try paintball but never had the chance, we've got you covered.

If you're looking for an outlet for high energy kids, paintball is for you! Our wooded fields are a giant playground where every game is a new adventure and everything you need to play is provided on site.

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Choose Archery Tag

Archery Birthday Parties

If you haven't tried Archery Tag yet, it's a blast and kids love it! Fun for all skill levels and athletic abilities, these games are pretty quick so your group can take turns watching and playing, and of course laughing and having a great time.

Archery Tag is a modern twist on the idea of dodgeball. Two teams face off on the field, firing soft-tipped, spongie "arrows" back and forth at each other in a race to eliminate their opponents. Mix up the teams as you play or try it tournament style, either way you'll love it!

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Choose Zipline

Zipline Birthday Parties

Here's an activity you can't do anywhere else. In fact, did you know RVR has the longest triple zipline on the east coast, measuring at 1500' per line? That means your birthday child will spend their special day flying almost a third of a mile with a friend on either side! When it comes to making memories, this activity is up there...literally.

On arrival you'll meet our awesome staff, have a quick orientation and get geared up. You and your friends will then hike the trail to the zipline platform together, all the while letting the excitement build. From there it's just a matter of clipping in, taking in the view, counting down and taking off.

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Choose Horses

Horse Birthday Parties

There's something special about the bond between people and animals. If your child loves animals then this Trail Ride birthday experience will make them giddy with glee. You'll travel to RVR's Remuda Horse Center where each participant will be paired with the steed that's just the right fit for them. After a brief orientation, you'll hit the trails with your new friend (and the friends you brought with you) and explore one of RVR's many wooded nature paths.

Our Barn staff is CHA certified so you'll be in good hands, and our horses know these trails like the back of their...hooves :)

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NOTE: Minimum group size of 10. Birthdays available Spring and Fall. Signed waiver required to participate in activities. Deposit required for reservation.

*All other attendees must pay standard birthday party fee; only the birthday boy/girl will individually have the fee waived, if a past RVR summer camp attendee.